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  • Bequest—If you are looking for a way to leave a lasting legacy, consider naming us as a beneficiary of your will or trust. This is among the most popular ways to give back and allows you to continue to use your assets.

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  • A charitable gift annuity is a great way to support our mission while leaving a lasting legacy

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  • IRA Charitable Rollover—If you are 70 1/2 or older, an IRA rollover gift is a great way to support our mission, manage your income and taxes and simplify your charitable giving.

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The Peterson Society


The Peterson Society is Buffalo State's planned giving or legacy society. The society recognizes those who have made a commitment to Buffalo State through a bequest, gift annuity, charitable trust, life insurance, or other estate-planning technique.

The Peterson Society is named after the late Harold F. Peterson and his late wife, Lucille Mattern Peterson, '39, in honor of their legacy of giving to Buffalo State. Dr. Peterson served Buffalo State as professor and chair of the History Department and became the first faculty member from Buffalo State to receive the State University Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. He was later honored with the title of Distinguished Professor, the highest honor awarded by the State University of New York system. Upon retirement, he established a trust that first provided for Lucille during her lifetime, and now provides scholarships for Buffalo State students. Previously known as the Heritage Society, the planned giving society was renamed the Peterson Society in recognition of Harold and Lucille's commitment to the college and their encouragement to others to leave a lasting legacy at Buffalo State. Their legacy and dedication to Buffalo State lives on today, continuing to benefit students who aspire to follow in their footsteps of scholarship and leadership.

As a Peterson Society member, you are eligible to receive special recognition and other privileges, including:

  • Presidential invitation to annual Peterson Society luncheon and induction ceremony every September
  • Recognition in Buffalo State College Foundation publications (except when anonymity is requested)
  • Special invitations to significant activities on campus, such as exhibitions, concerts, lectures, convocations and athletic events
  • A ribbon and pin of recognition that may be worn at Society events
  • Peterson Perks membership card providing unique access to many Buffalo State programs, services and discounts

Peterson Society Members 2017

Anonymous A.
Michael A. Abgott, '71
Andy Anselmo
Gwendolyn O. Arcara, '71, '74
Ruth T. Auer, '49
Richard C. Auerbach, '52, '55,* and Rita Argen Auerbach, '54, '74
Margaret E. Bacon, '41*
Susanne P. Bair
Eugene H. Baisch, '63
Judy L. Baisch, '62
Gloria T. Banning*
Anthony L. Bannon and Elizabeth Black Stewart
Bess Chambos Barber, '52, '57
Geraldine E. Bard, '71
H. Graham Barkhuff, '51, and Patricia P. Barkhuff
Annamarie C. Barone, '50*
Dolores E. Battle, '71, and Charles Battle, '88
R. Bruce Baum
Nancy B. Belfer, '51
Florence Belinson, '11*
Ethel Harper Bennett, '46*
John Bentinck-Smith* and Marjory Bentinck-Smith, '52*
Marion H. Benz, '66
Scott M. Black, '04
Karen E. Blankenship, '72*
John R. Bobey Jr., '91
Raymond F. Boehm and Mary Kirsch Boehm, '56
Judith A. Bondurant-Utz
Maurene Callahan Bouras, '69
Beryl M. Bradford and Hilary P. Bradford
James Brandys, '71, '73, and Joy Brandys
Jean A. May Brett, '73, '77
Dorothy Leichty Brighton, '49
George W. Brighton, '37*
Richard C. Brown* and Genevieve C. Brown*
Melanie Bunch, '93
Edward H. Butler, Sr.*
Mary Caccamo, '38*
Grace E. Caines, '51*
Mildred Keller Campbell, '28*
Elizabeth J. "Betty" Cappella
Maria A. Ceprano
Nancy A. Chicola, '66
Phyliss A. Cionni*
Norma Marinelli Clark, '50
Ruth Fogelsanger Clark, '22*
William M. E. Clarkson and Elizabeth H. Clarkson
Velma C. Cobb, '54*
Helen Latza Cole, '47*
Claire Collier
Joan Commerford*
Katherine S. Conway-Turner
Helen Wernejowski Costello, '50
Richard J. Coughlin, '41*
Eloise N. Courter*
Irv Cowle, '42
Sharon F. Cramer
Leonarda Cyran, '40*
Efner "Lucky" Allen Davis
Anonymous D.
Wanda M. Davis
Eunice E. Davison, '50*
Arline Thompson Deckert, '42
Marie T. Dellas*
Estelle M. DePlanter, '17*
Paula J. Devereaux, '96
Deborah S. Diehl
Marjorie Dittenhaffer, '37, '52*
Eugene F. Dobbins, '60, '64
Helen Dobmeier
Linda A. Dobmeier, '71
Jean Dolce Doctor, '55, '71
Ida Doherty, '60, '72
Verla Alexander Dolliff
Deborah Fields "Debbie" Dombroff, '72
Cynthia Doolittle and R. William Doolittle, Jr.*
Leona Wilder DuColon, '17*
John H. Eigenbrod, '31,* and Eleanora Eigenbrod*
Judy L. Elliott, '82
Bernard M. Engel
William E. Engelbrecht
Diane M. English, '70
Dorothy M. Epavets, '39*
Dorothy T. Ferguson
Marie M. Ferraro, '91, '97
Samuel M. Ferraro, '78
Roger L. Firestien, '79
Ilene R. Fleischmann, '73
Robert L. Flock, '59*
Lawrence G. Flood
Friend of Tom Fontana
Caryl Brennan Forrest, '43,* and Casey Forrest*
Gary Forrest
Barbara R. Frey*
Elsie L. Fulton, '15*
Joseph M. Fusco, '82, '03, and Nancy M. Fusco, '88
Anonymous G.*
Peter Lewis Gabak
John N. Gartner and Toni Gartner
Gladys Pratt Gill, '16*
Maryruth Phelps Glogowski
Annette Goldsman* and Bertha Goldsman*
Lillian L. Gondree, '67
George F. Goodyear*
Lee Ann Grace
Jill M. Gradwell
Carmine A. Grande*
Joseph A. Grande, '53
Eleanor W. Greatbatch, '42*
Constance A. Greco
Nora B. Green, '65*
Grace Whitelock Grey, '39*
Helen Grunebaum*
James O. Grunebaum and Penelope A. Prentice
Grunebaum Family Charitable Trust
Dorothy Gustafson, '37*
Anonymous H.
Edward O. Helwig, '43*, and Annette Cox Helwig, '48
Jean M. Henrich*
Ronald J. Hernandez, '93, '95, '02
Carolyn W. Heyman*
Lorraine M. Hickler, '46*
Byron W. Hill, '36*
Thomas Y. Hobart Jr., '60, and Dorothy Hobart
Frances Morton Holbrook, '23*
Barbara H. Hole, '84, and George T. Hole
Kathryn M. Szely Homer, '59, '62
John T. Hoskins and Susan S. Hoskins
Muriel A. Howard and Albert R. Howard
Mildred L. Howell, '37*
Stanton H. Hudson Jr.
Ruth E. Huppuch, '42
Carmen Iannaccone, '61
Daniel R. Idzik, '56, and Kathleen M. Osborne
Frederick Jacob, '50
Thomas A. Jambro, '66
D. Bruce Johnstone and Gail Johnstone
Thelma Popp Jones, '44*, and Gordon Jones*
Jane A. Kirsch, '63, '67*
Rona L. Knobel, '73, '78
Ruth E. Kocher*
Carol V. Kociela and John T. Kociela
Rita T. Kohn, '55
Ulysses J. Kontos, '63, '68, and Melinda M. Kontos, '88
Edward John Michael Koszarek, '81*
Natalie S. Kubera
Audrey J. Kunz, '74, '77, '91
Velma Jean Laird, '40*
Robert J. Lamendola, '72
Concetta M. LaPenna, '57, '67
Daniel A. Lapinski, '75*
Robert W. Laskie, '63, '67*, and Gloria M. Laskie, '67
Wilma Laux, '37*
Kathryn H. Leacock, '99
Richard J. Lee, '68, '72
Velie C. Lee, '48*
Debi S. Levin-Stankevich, '74
Matthew A. Levin-Stankevich, '07
Florence Lewis-Rice, '68
Jean T. Lidstrom*
Edna M. Lindemann*
Rosalyn A. Lindner
Mark G. Littlefield*
Peter W. Loehr
Robert Valentine Loft, '60, '63*
Adolphine Long, '27*
Jacqueline V. LoRusso, '62, '64
Phyllis M. Lutwack
Anonymous M.*
Hazel G. Macartney*
Donald I. MacDavid*
John E. Mack Jr. and Jayne Mack
Norman E. Mack II*
Horace "Hank" Mann*
Carol L. (Snider) Manne, '58
Michele M. Fairchild Marko, '72, and Tedy B. Marko
Margaret M. Martin*
Eunice F. Mason, '28*
Janet E. Mattes, '68
Barbara Mautz, '53
Russell J. Maxwell
Vivian R. Mc Cullor, '22, '30*
Gerald C. Mead Jr., '85, '86
Margaret E. Mead*
Barbara T. Meech*
Lorraine M. Meinke, '56, '59*
Sylvia Garofalo Miller, '43
Vivienne E. Miller, '43
D. Denise Minault*
Mabel D. Montgomery*
Thomas J. Morrisey
Carolyn A. Morris-Hunt and Timothy M. Hunt, '76
Winifred Morrison, '46, '64*
Mary C. Murdock*
Anna Mae Murphy, '58*
Anonymous N.*
Donald J. Nelson* and Barbara L. (Czurles) Nelson
Fay Northrop, '64, '77, and Gordon G. McGuire
William A. O'Loughlin, Jr.
Henry D. Olsen, '63, '65*, and Florence Olsen
Marcia V. O'Neill, '69*
Mary Jane Orcutt, '44*
Paul T. Orrange*
Gioia Ottaviano, '46
Doloris A. Parks, '53*
Mary J. Pastore, '45*
Edward A. Paxson, '33*
Dorothy M. Payne, '35*
Hal D. Payne
John A. Peckham*
Karen E. Penfold, '69
Charles Rand Penney, '95*
Beverly N. Perkins, '86
Ronald J. Peters, '59, and Lilia Peters
Ruth Parker Peters, '48, '51
Harold F. Peterson* and Lucille M. Peterson, '39*
Richard A. Pfeiffer, '74
Judith L. Pfoltzer, '80
Dorothy Mierzwa Pieniadz, '45
Ted Pietrzak and Marlene Longdon
Julia C. Piquette*
Dennis K. Ponton and Libby P. Ponton
Jill Powell, '84, '97
Angela Provenzano, '42*
Mary Lou Puleo
Donald P. Quinlan, '53,* and Florence A. Quinlan
Marie L. Ram, '22*
John Ramsey and Janet E. Ramsey
Lloyd Randall* and Emma Randall*
Mary Lou Rath, '56
Deborah K. Renzi and Thomas C. Renzi
Velma F. Rice, '69*
George E. Richmond* and Joan Steinmiller Richmond, '45*
Meyer H. Riwchun* and Ann Riwchun*
Alexandra M. Romanczuk, '52
Angelo V. Rosati, '50,* and Antoinette Ciancone Rosati, '45*
Sylvia L. Rosen, '71
Natalie Roth*
Alma Roudebush*
Ronald J. Rudnicki and Michelle Y. Rudnicki
Virginia G. Rumsey, '45*
Anonymous S.
Anonymous S.
Anonymous S.
Anonymous S.
Paul Sanio, '63, '66, and Gerda Sanio*
Donald J. Savage*
Rebecca "Becky" J. Schenk, '77
Ned V. Schimizzi
Alice Wehrung Schmidt, '41*
William H. Schmidt, '50,* and Doris M. Schmidt, '48*
Jerome M. Schnell
Louise Simon Schoene
Suell E. Scott*
Mildred M. Seegler, '42*
Victor Shanchuk, Jr., '61, '72
Stanley E. Sheets* and Indie S. Sheets
Lynne M. Shuster, '68
Leonard Sikora, '50, and Irene Sikora
E. O. Smith, Jr.*
M. Madalene Smith, '43, '69*
Ruth A. Smith, '69
Sylvia M. Smith, '63
Gertrude Hemstreet Snyder, '44*
Joyce Pfeffer Steltenpohl, '46*
Hilary I. Sternberg
Gretchen S. Stevenson, '31,* and Richard Stevenson*
Helen Thompson Stone*
Gerald Strauss* and Sue W. Strauss
Vernon G. Strub, '41*
Theodore G. Sturgis, '53,* and Rita C. Sturgis, '71, '72
Mary E. Greene Suffoletta
Norma Munger Sutter, '42, '59*
I. Joyce Swartney*
Dorothy Sweet
Marion Thomas Swenson, '39*
Anonymous T.
Luba Skolnikoff Taylorson, '36*
Anne Thomas, '52
Augustus O. Thomas and Gloria J. Thomas*
Paul L. Thoms, '63
Carol A. Townsend
Edgar "Ted" H. Turkle III
Rosalie A. Turton, '53, '72
Anonymous V.
Sharon R. Venema, '76
Dona M. Venne, '50
Mary C. Vucinich*
Peter A. Vukelic
Jeannette E. Wagner, '25*
Gerald A. Wahlenmayer, '62, '65 and Carol Wahlenmayer, '64, '66
Denia E. Walters, '85
Kathryn A. Ward, '81
S. Donald Warfe, '80
Doris M. Waterworth, '42*
Esther E. Westendorf, '39*
Ruth E. Westenfelder, '37, '54*
Kate Butler Wallace Wickham
Ralph M. Williams* in Memory of Arline, '65*
Fredric Winer, '69, and Jill R. Winer, '70
Michael P. Wojtanik, '73, '93
Jeanette O. Wojtowicz, '37*
Muriel H. Wolf* and Albert P. Steger*
Edward J. Wozniak*
Laraine J. Wright
Tsuruyo Yamamoto*
Gerhardt R. Yaskow
Loraine L. Yates
Bernard B. Yormak * and Margaret V. Yormak
Marion B. Young, '39*
Sonia L. Young, '54, '65
Dorothy Hoffman Youngers, '27*
Christina F. M. Zawierucha-Zack, '75, '80
Janet Zimmerman Zehr, '73
Rita M. Zientek, '90
Clara M. Zink, '29*

* Deceased

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